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Look for us at the Haddonfield Fall Festival Saturday October 18, 2014  
on Tanner Street 10am - 5pm
Kuser Farm Fall Festival
Sunday October 19, 2014
Kuser Farm 11am - 5pm Hamilton, NJ

How many times have you smelled a candle in a store, paid a lot of money for it and been disappointed that when you get home you can't even smell the fragrance? How many candles have you thrown out when you are only half way through burning it because the scent is gone? We have taken the wondering and disappointment out of candles! It is time to start enjoying candes for their purpose: to fill your home with deep scented aroma, from start to finish! We have developed the perfect blend of paraffin and beeswax to give you everything you have ever wanted out of a candle. One try and you will sense the difference a Home Style Candle will make in your home.
Please take a moment to browse our website and preview our extensive line of hand-poured candles and novelty bakery items.
 Home Style Candle Company
Cherry Hill, NJ

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